My given name is Erasmus Tiberius  Postlethwaite. I was born on my ancestral estate of Ambleside End, in the depths of Gloucestershire. I lived a rather fruitless life their with my father Augustus. Postlethwaite. My mother had died during childbirth, something for which my father never forgave me for. My father was responsible for me taking an interest in bees. Indeed, it took a while for me to get used to being trapped in the apiary. The first few months were the worst. I soon got used to the stings, and fortunately for me, I learned to sustain myself on a diet of honey & dead bees. This is how i learnt the way of the humble honey bee.

I soon made friends.

I soon made friends.

     A few years later I made it back to my ancestoral home. My father, seemed most displeased and rarely spoke to me for the first few years. It was during this period that I decided that my path in life would be practicing the art of Science.

     The Octopus Clock was one of my more successfule ventures. The modus operandii of said clock is that it use direct telepathic input from the world’s global network of Octopii to constantly update the time. Thus it is the most accurate clock in the world.


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