Oldie Geeks

Another in the series devoted to helping crinklies to fathom the intricacies of new technology. This week, how to delete a recently deceased friend from your contact list. A fact sheet is available at the following site http://oldie_geeks/resources/mtech/4673838_843938_847833977x3fsmienndnb.doc

Cash in the Canal

Peter Purves presents the desperate attempts of impoverished urchins poking around at the bottom of stretches of England’s finest stretches of canal for long unseen treasures. Today:  Warwickshire ring locks 42 & 43.

Film: Aimless(2006)

Atypical Woody Allen vehicle in which he plays hapless would-be serial killer James Goldstein. Through a series of touching, but seemingly pointless encounters Goldstein we understand less and less of the motivation of the central character. Finally, in a position to claim his first blood he commits suicide. To praise this cobbled together mess in the same breath as his earlier output would be to insult his lost talent. The new setting: rich upper-class Mars as opposed to rich upper-class New York does little to dull the yawn-factor. Unwatchable.

James Goldstein………………Woody Allen

Mrs. Pegg…………………………..Mia Farrow

King Arthur……………………..Arthur Askey

Sherlock Holmes……………..John Holmes

The Pope…………………………Eddie Izzard

Also available on Analogue in narrowscreen


Changing Jobs

This week Tony Benn changes place with Crouch End drugs dealer Leroy Stanley. At first Leroy feels quite out of place on the backbenches, but surprisingly soon makes friends and before you know it he’s blending in the with rest of the lower house. Disappointingly much of the rest of the time he spends on home improvements and paperwork. Much more inspiring is Tony Benn experience as Mr. Stanley. Fortunately for Tony, Leroy’s daily routine is only too familiar, going around the parish, knocking on doors and talking to his constituents. However, Tony quickly learns that having  half a kilo of high quality crack cocaine in your briefcase, rather than a few copies of the labour party manifesto, means people are much more pleased to see you.


The Horizon team brings us a disturbing account of the recent discovery that whole periods of time are simply disappearing. Ex D-Ream keyboard player Dr. Brian Cox is joined by Def Leppard’s one armed drummer Rick Allen analyse the evidence, incuding early 1920 films that have shrunk from their 2 hour features to mere minutes. Part-time historian Brian Blessed unveils his newest invention; his largely discredited time measuring device. His evidence suggests that the it is being absorbed by all the little hour glasses on PCs across the world.

The Sky during the Day

Eccentric astronomer Patrick Moore regrettably shows a distinct lack of time management skills in this misjudged slot.

The Simpsons

Homer is shocked to discover that Fox TV have secretly been making a reality show based on his own family for the last twenty years. Meanwhile Marge is arrested by the CIA and deported to Guantanamo Bay. Featured guest star: Charlie Manson.

How not to……… Stuff a Cat 


Continuing the series that looks at how thrifty amateurs can often be responsible for domestic disasters. This week Mr. & Mrs. Ementhorpe recount how they still have sleepless nights over their ill-thought out home taxidermy.

Next week: ill-advised brain surgery.

Dickinson’s Real Deal

David Dickinson is sent to Southampton with a team of crack-dealers, trying to haggle for the best deals around – but will the local sellers take their cash or gamble at auction?

The Real Michael Caine  – Revealed (7/5)

Historical documentary series. New research indicates that the audacious plot to rob Italian gold in the Peter Collinson film film ‘The Italian Job’ may have been based on real-life events. In 1914, the fledgling British secret service worked to foil an attack on Banko Italiano, masterminded by an influential English spymaster.

VIDEO Plus+: 9805422


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