Boris is Streets Behind

     I noticed that the fat controller of London, one Boris Johnson, has dismissed his idle missives in a well-known British organ as “chickenfeed” despite the £250,000 income he receives for it. Indeed, a large number of chickens could be fed on the swag. His cunning explanation for his jotting not interfering with his mayoral duties, was that he had “rushed them.” This does not get us very far, surely this merely raises his hourly rate. Would this strategy work for brain surgery? It is surely more applicable to the likes of Lewis Hamilton & his ilk. Perhaps he could get a job as a milkman.

Boris, yesterday

Boris, yesterday

Boris is well known for riding a bicycle. Once upon a time the world, it is said, would beat a path to your door if one could design a better mousetrap. At that time, the only roads that existed were of the Roman persuasion. The invention of the bicycle, of course expanded the horizon of one’s familial DNA. Roads & streets were pretty much on the rise after that. I quite like the history of street names. For example in the fair city of Coventry are two facing dead ends (or cul-de-sacs as the French foppishly call them) They are named Sherlock Drive and Watson Drive. Curiously, Sherlock Drive is slightly shorter than Watson Drive. Persumably on the basis, that it reaches it’s conclusion first. Ah, it’s a mad life in the Town Planning Office. Another one of my personal favourites is the home of the humble root crop. The Potato Marketing board is sited up Road-between-Towns. Cute. If you have any favourite street names please let me know.


1 Response to “Boris is Streets Behind”

  1. July 20, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    Strange state of affairs with old Boris. He was struggling to meet deadlines in the newspaper that shall remain nameless, yet can apparently find time to appear in Eastenders. Would you Adam ‘n’ Eve it? Up the apples and pears Johnson you slag…

    Mr. Pearly King (Editor Daily Telegraph)

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