Little Things

     As I was peering over the perpetual hedge, of the a.m. I saw that Mrs Clitheroe was supervising the installment of an humungous televisual apparatus. This moved my direction of thinking. Things that are the perfect size, are either but shrunk so that they are unusably small or are outrageously large.

see what I mean

see what I mean

     Now, after wasting half the inheritance on upgrading my vinyl collection to CD, & my video library to DVD: I am am told that due to unwise purchase of an overly large televisual screen my DVDs have to be upgraded to “BluRay.” I mean, its not even spelt correctly.

cool hey

cool hey

     It’s not even that. After hundreds of years everybody’s favourite 1.61803399 is out of fashion. Cruelly plutoed. After centuries of studies of the perfect golden ratio suddenly widescreen is the desired proportion. Only Peeping Toms choose to watch the world through a letterbox.

     Or they try to make them smaller than necessary like mobile phones. You can’t get your fingers squarely on the buttons. They’re designed for midgets. Perhaps all phone designers fail the entrance exam for the police force. It’s ridiculous. Maybe they start doing the same things with books. You’ll outphase the old-fashioned hand sized “readable” books & we’ll all have to by them in microdot form. Then we’ll all have to spend a fortune on special micro-dot readers for a fuller richer digest.

     Ah, I see the engineer has go to the new teevee working now. There’s a little gap in the hedge, I see. A …”Kind Hearts & Coronets.” I’ll go and get my chair.


2 Responses to “Little Things”

  1. 1 Stefan III of Bordeaux
    June 19, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    I seem to have lost all my microdot books during a sneezing fit. By the way – What are mobile phones?

  2. 2 dandy
    June 22, 2009 at 8:49 am

    A mobile phone is a device designed such that you employer can squeeze work out of you whilst commuting to & from your place of business. The company laptop is another cute one. This would be the equivalent of taking a spinning jenny home so that you can do more “free” work. Hope that I sets you right.

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